Out circa March 2017:

Biosphere – Patashnik 2 (SENJA 001 LP)Biosphere – Patashnik 2
SENJA 001 LP. Outtakes and early mixes from the sessions for ambient classic Patashnik, available on limited edition 3xLP.

WAVE∞FORM – Waveform01 (SENJA 002 LP/CD/MC)WAVE∞FORM – Waveform01
SENJA 002 LP/CD/MC. New ambient/experimental project by Per Martinsen of Mental Overdrive, available on limited edition 2xLP, CD and cassette.

Out circa June 2017:
Svalastog - Houseworks (SENJA 003 EP)
Svalastog – Housework
SENJA 003 EP. Minimalistic and repetitive mix of loops of analogue recordings with ambient electronics, on limited edition 12″ EP.